Your Secret Power

Originally posted August 22, 2016


Welcome to Ascension Whispers. This is Marie Love bringing you another message from our Source Mind for your consideration.

I had in mind, I still do, a different message to record next to share with you, but I am guided that this message that I’m going to share with you now is required for the now moment of today of the energy of the collective of humanity. And I have learned via experience, I can choose not to follow the guidance of Source Mind, we all can, we all do. But I have learned through experience that when I choose not to follow the guidance of Source Mind, in hindsight, I wish I had because things would have worked out a whole lot better.

That’s what it means to discover yourself. That’s what spirituality is—discovering yourself. But in my experience, it makes life a whole lot easier if we follow the guidance that we receive. So I’m following that guidance and I’m going to share this message with you. I’m going to read it exactly as it was given to me from Source Mind. This is titled “Your Secret Power”.

It can be challenging for the awakening human to remember and trust in their power. With that comment, the first thought that the awakening human may have is “What power? Is this power a secret within the human consciousness that only certain people can know about or access? Is it some kind of advanced superhuman ability that only a few people hold?”

Please hear this and never forget it again. Keep the memory of this power at the forefront of your thoughts at all times. All humans, all faces of Source, hold this power. Humans simply forgot the truth of this power.

Your power is the ability to think. Do you know what you are able to do with your ability to think? You are able to create. You are creating everything you see and experience simply via thinking. What are you thinking? You are thinking thoughts. Everything you see and experience is thoughts held within you.

Your individual embodied expression is the one and only Source of creation expressing as you. You are created in the image of Source because you are a replicated mind of the whole mind of Source. Source mind creates all of creation simply via thinking. You are an image, or a thought of Source and you hold the power to think, therefore create thoughts.

Being able to trust your ability requires you to remember and accept that you are an embodied expression of Source. Trusting in Source, believing in Source, having faith in Source is the process of healing to trust in your ability.

Why do humans look outside of themselves to find someone to tell them how they should think, what they should think about, and therefore believe? They do so because humans have forgotten they are Source embodied. They have forgotten they are the creator of everything humans see and experience.

As a result, humans have forgotten their ability and the power of their ability. If you forgot, you have now remembered what your power is.

Now think about what you’re seeing and experiencing. Do you like what you see? Is that what you desire to experience? If it is not, what must you do? You must change your thoughts to be what you desire to experience. Doing so will change your beliefs.

You are an expression of Source mind. Why do you choose to believe what you do not desire to experience? Is it because you believe what another face of Source told you that you must believe? Guess what else you hold? You have free will. This means you can change your thoughts and beliefs at will. Did you know you hold so much power? Did you know you are the creator of your reality? Now you do. Create wisely.

Loving joy blessings to all,

Bye for now