Expanding Your Consciousness – OBEs

Originally posted April 8, 2016

The state of amnesia humanity is currently healing from is a result of the low level of energy human consciousness is currently held within. When the earth life completes, and the embodied consciousness steps out of the human body, the forgotten memory will instantly return. You will feel as though you are everywhere at once, because your consciousness is not stuck within a body form. It is possible to feel part of this state of expansion while remaining within the human body.

This experience has been called an out of body experience (OBE), by those who have experienced it. The amount of expansion you feel depends on how deep you go within. That may seem like a conflicting thought, to go deeply inward to expand more fully outward.

The process of doing so is not something that many people talk about. In part that could be because it has not been that long ago since such an experience was simply thrown into the crazy basket named metaphysics. It is not an experience all people have, so the general consensus is to attach it to the crazy basket. Now that meditation is beginning to become more of a household word, such an experience is starting to make its way out of the crazy basket. Just because everyone does not experience the same things others do does not make others crazy. Sadly, humans still create new labeled categories for the unexplained, unknown and un-experienced. Generally when people throw an experience into the crazy basket, they do so because they fear the unknown or unexplainable. Today, the unexplainable is becoming more a part of the accepted norm as people continue to have unexplainable experiences.

For some people, expanding your consciousness out of the body is easy. For others, not yet so easy. This information is to try to assist you to re-discover how easy it really is. If you currently find it seemingly impossible, or at least difficult, you simply need to keep on practicing.

If you have never had an OBE, there is no reason for concern of becoming completely disconnected from your body. That will not occur until your soul determines you are finished with this earth life experience. With practice, you can discover that you can see everywhere within creation. During an OBE all that is required to see is to think about what you desire to see. However, for many that is easier said than done.

I can only share with you from “my experiences” as I only know my experiences. The same is true for everyone. When I have my consciousness expanded out of my body, I do not associate my expression with a body. I am not aware of my body during those times.

When you sit quietly to mediate, most people are still aware of the operation of their body. They are still aware of the breathing process. They may become aware of itches or tightened muscles, aches or pains. When you have fully expanded your consciousness out of the body, you are no longer aware of any body operations. Many people think that mediation is simply about imagining yourself on a beach, or somewhere that you would like to be. Others believe it is about repeating a sound tone over and over. These experiences are the process of focusing your thoughts to experience something specific. They are not OBEs but can assist you to experience an OBE.

The term “creative visualization” has been tagged onto the concept of mediation. The concept of mediation has become a wide concept to include many inner experiences. Creative visualization is the same thing as day dreaming. The more you think about what you desire to experience, the more real the experience becomes. You can almost taste that piece of chocolate cake you are day dreaming about. However, in such experiences, you are still aware of body functions. To have an OBE one must go inward so deeply that they are no longer aware of body functions.

During an OBE you completely detach from any worries, fears or body pain. The first time you experience an OBE you may be so surprised that you simply focus on the immense freedom you feel. Each time you expand your consciousness as such, it feels more natural to do so. You feel more like the whole expression you truly are.

If you do not right away, you will eventually realize that you have 360° vision, when you have expanded your consciousness out of body. Depending on the level of energy you expand into, you can find yourself in what we call outer space. Everywhere you look, you see stars. You do not think of yourself as a body. In fact, you do not think of yourself as anything other than yourself. Yourself that is self aware and that is looking. You are the center point of creation. All that you are looking at surrounds you. This is the exact same thing you will experience when you remove your consciousness completely from the human body. You will no longer feel tethered, or anchored to one point within space.

After you get over the wonderment of freedom, you will eventually begin to wonder about things. You may see a star in the distance and wonder about the star. When you wonder about the star, it gets closer and closer to you. You do not have a feeling of moving through space to reach the star. Instead, the star comes to you. In fact, you do not feel as though you are moving anywhere within space.

This is because everything that you see is reflecting from you. It is all held within you. When you think about a certain point, it does not move to you and you do not move to it. The feeling of doing so, is the process of wondering, or thinking about that point. Doing so opens that point within you so you can look at what is reflecting from you.

The experience of seeing during an OBE is the natural way we will see the vastness of creation, when we heal back into a healed body expression. You will not see it with physical body eye sight as you will not see any darkness to allow you to see it as you can see the night time sky now. Nor will you have to focus and release your focus from the body form to allow you to see as such. You will simply focus on the thought image you want to look at and it will open within you to look at it closer.

Perhaps think of things shown in science fiction films. Imagine a set of images, or icons, simply hanging out in the air around you. All you have to do is reach out and touch one of the icons and it expands to show the images it represents. You can use your hands to move the icons around, arranging them however you like. You can touch an open one to close it and it will contract back into a tiny icon.

The same thing applies when looking at creation during an OBE except you do not have to reach out with a hand and touch the icons. All you have to do is think, or wonder, what the icon holds and it will open within you to discover what it holds. When it opens within you, it looks as through the images it holds expand in front of you. All you have to do to close the icon is to look to another point and it naturally contacts back into the icon image. That is what all of the stars we see in what we call outer space are. They are similar to icon images, reflecting from within you.

Absolutely everything we see is reflecting from within us. Therefore, being able to see the answers we seek requires opening the answers within our self. Imagine being able to simply look at a star, wondering what is held within the star, and having it open in front of you to show you what is held within it. What if you like what you see held within the star and want to experience it more fully, how would you do that? You would do so by entering yourself into the star. Then you would need to create an individual body form that would allow you to more fully experience what is held within the star. That is exactly what we have all done to have this earth life experience. You then anchor yourself within the star, until you are ready to experience elsewhere.

When you do not have your consciousness embodied within a star, you do not feel as though you are anchored. You simply feel as though you are hanging out in outer space, looking at everything that is shining forth around you. At this time, it is a wonderful experience to experience being out of body but it would get old very quickly, as all you can do is look and wonder what thoughts might experience like when embodied within a star system. The only reason it is a wonderful experience at this time is because the human body is so dense that the joy of freedom is like a breath of fresh air.

If you continue to practice expanding your consciousness out of the human body, by going deeper and deeper within, you will eventually become aware of sound tones. At first it may just be a few sounds tones, that sound similar to an orchestra tuning their instruments. As you continue to focus on the sound tones, more and more turn on and soon you hear the beautiful song of creation. You will be able to focus on a star and instantly know if it is singing out of tune. You will not notice it singing out of tune when listening to the vast orchestra as the whole song brings anything out of tune back into tune. If a star seems to be singing out of tune, it means there is imbalance that needs healing within the consciousness embodied within the star. Of course, as Source, you would go to assist to retune the star.

When you first start to experience out of the body you may not even think to wonder or ask questions. If you continue to practice you will and when you do, that is when your answers will start to open within you. In my experience, when the questions start to open, they are not about the life experience. They are not about how to win the lottery, get someone to love you, become materially wealthy or any of the things that play out within this earth life experience. They are about wanting to understand more of yourself. Wondering how is that star created? How are the life forms held within that star created? Of course that is only a part of the human experience and desiring to remember such things.

Today I am aware that the many years of this life time of me doing just that has been a major part in the opening of my communication line to our Source mind, to allow me to remember information held within our Source mind. It is not because I have spent years seeming to hang out in outer space. It is because I have spent years focusing deeply within myself, which is focusing deeply to connect to mind. The experience of hanging out in outer space is simply a process of expanding my conscious energy beyond the limitations of the human body.

The first time I had the thought to look behind me and look down upon the earth, I was rather shocked to discover how out of tune earth is. The first time I saw the unified field grid, I was rather shocked as well. At that time, I wondered within myself what that was. When I instantly became aware of an answer, it seemed as though a voice was speaking within me. That was many years ago, and at that time I simply associated the voice as a guide. Today I know it was conscious mind. The answer I received at that time was the grid was the highway that consciousness moved through, within creation. That was so many years ago that I can’t even remember for certain how long now, and began my journey to discover more about that grid.

Before my communication with Source mind returned completely, I remember at one point telling Source that I knew there was a deeply hidden secret of creation and I was not going to stop seeking until I discovered the secret. At that time I remember believing Source was hiding the secret from me for some unknown reason. I remember that today with great laughter. When I laugh about it, Source mind laughs with me. “Yeah, I knew you would get there eventually”.

I still spend a lot of time focusing out of body, as I love the freedom it allows from the body. I no longer do so in search of answers as I have remembered how to simply focus within mind to remember what I seek. Sometimes, I will simply expand in what seems to be outer space just to look at and listen to beauty beyond words. It is also interesting that when focused in the body I have a fear of heights. During an OBE there are no fears of any kind.

The fact that I am still currently embodied within a body form allows me to hear the wonderful orchestra of creation. When you are not embodied within a body form, you cannot hear it and you do not feel the waves of creation. Not to worry if you miss it in this body form, as every form you enter into, to have a life experience, will allow you to do so.

The challenge most people have who have experienced OBEs is that they cannot remember much of the experience. That is because the human body can only hold so much energy open at any given moment and remembering the details of such a higher energy experience means the body must be able to continue to keep open that energy, for the embodied consciousness to access it.

For those who experience an OBE, the experience may quickly become similar to a night time dream experience, and they may only retain memory of specific pieces. As well, when you first start to practice expanding your consciousness out of the body, into higher levels of energy, you may later find yourself waking up from a well rested sleep. If so, it is natural. Because you are still connected to the human body, it receives the higher energy you expand into and doing so can make the body reach its daily maximum amount of energy much faster, which forces it to cycle into sleep mode. The more you practice, the more energy your body will be able to hold, as doing so expands the energy of your body to hold open more energy.

Even so, when I am focused for several hours of becoming aware of more knowledge, held within mind, my body will reach a point of total body exhaustion. There is no choice but to allow the body to cycle into sleep mode. It is going to with or without your OK to do so.

Because the human body can only hold open so much information at a time, I learned very quickly that if I did not hand write what I became aware of, I would most likely forget it. Writing the information down slows the energy the information flows within down. This makes it easier for the brain to code the information within the cells of the body, which makes it easier for the brain to open the information from within the cells of the body.

During an OBE you do not feel as though you are floating in space. You do not feel weight of any kind. In fact, you feel as though you are the space, you feel as though you are a point within the space. You do not question your existence, why or how you exist. You simply know you exist. What you wonder about is what you can create. You do not wonder about how you will create it. You know you can create anything simply by thinking about it. You wonder what you want to think about to create.

Imagine sitting in your backyard, looking around and thinking about what you would like to plant, or the landscaping you would like to do. You do not think about yourself sitting there thinking about designing your backyard. You are focused on what you can create, not yourself. That is the way the whole mind of Source thinks. “What can I create, how might it look and what might it smell like, feel like, sound like? I think I might create a star at that point within myself. These are the thoughts I am going to create that star to hold”. It is simple. All you have to do is think about it to create it.

Every thought we experience is a thought held within the mind of Source. Our human body form is a thought, held within the mind of Source. Source is experiencing within the thought form we are expressing as because Source desires to know what thoughts experience as within your unique body form. At the same time, this is a healing system, so Source is experiencing what it is like to forget you are Source and then to remember you are Source. Forgetting really bites but the joy of remembering is priceless.

Experiencing imbalance is not because the thoughts of Source became imbalanced thoughts. It is the result of the consciousness of Source fragmenting and losing the higher energy of Source. It is the process of experiencing what thoughts experience as in very low levels of energy. It is an experience that I do not currently plan on undertaking again for a very long time. Says my embodied expression that desires to return to complete balance. Source will flow where ever Source can flow and experience whatever is there to experience. A long vacation is in the offering though.

You will reach a point when you realize the earth life experience is not about winning a game. It is not about gaining material wealth. You are Source. You already own all of creation. The games of the earth life experience are all the result of fragmented consciousness forgetting the truth of creation, forgetting the truth of thought experiences and not understanding thought experiences. Doing so has required humanity to create new labels for thought experiences, imbuing fear into the unknown and misunderstood. The games of earth are games created upon imbalance, they are not games that can be won. They are all about consuming energy.

When you remember the truth, all fears are washed away. You may not understand the reason or the cause of everything you experience in the moment but it no longer matters. You know you will understand when you reach a point of healing to remember.

The earth life experience is only about love, how well you love self and all others, who are you expressing as all others. Only the love of Source can heal the imbalance of humanity and you are the love of Source on a mission to do just that.

You will find a meditation exercise on this page to assist you to expand your consciousness beyond the limitations of the human body. Keep practicing and you can go out and look at all of creation. The earth is very beautiful to look down upon. As you look, you will only be looking through the eyes of Source. What you will experience coming back to you is absolute, eternal love.